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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fun Comp

This comp is to guess the number of posts on the blog including this post. i purposley left the blog history knowing what people might do but it will take a loong time to count :)
i will give a clue tomorrow if noone gets it and it will go on for 3 days if noone gets it the person who is closest will win 10sd but if someone gets it right they win 20sd so good luck.
post your guess in the comments and you can only guess ONCE, i do not accept anonymous entries unless your stardoll name is stated.
 HINT: BETWEEN 200 AND 400 :)


Nickschmidt said...

I believe 400 !!!

xo Nickschmidt^^

44nicole44 said...

This is a hard one x 410 ?

Zoe Z33 said...

My guess lol.

557 or 653 lol random but...

Zoe xoxo

Avril14140 said...


Anonymous said...

332, camille.love

...Electra.... said...

I tried to count them :S
230, maybe D:

taranee25 said...

i tried too. i think about 235.