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Tuesday, 5 January 2010


well it seems everyone is angry about the comeback issue of Eternity Magazine and it has brough ALOT of drama to stardoll blogs! many people think it was innapopriate to use mel in that way on the Cover and photoshoots, especially Kasia who took it out on Tyler's GB:

I personally think it was amazing! yh it was revealing But Mel clearly states in one of her comments that she is okay with it:

and its something new that no other magazine has dared to do which is why i think everyone is so suprised and maybe angry?

Also tyler has decided to quit Eternity Mag

 Well that was pretty long and it seems like alot more drama to come...
What do you think?


Cat Behavior said...

If you have eternity to rebel against God as Satan did, isn't it inevitable?

reira422 said...

Ehh... IDK which side to choose...

But I think it's too revealing XD