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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Wow! More Upcoming Parties!

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Hi everyone! I'm a new writer for the blog... In SD my name is Ipodrocks... Anyways, there are more and more parties that are coming up for the new year! There's one party that's for the New Year from The Stardoll Insiders, Mattspacks' guestbook and one from xolildreamerxo!

Mattspack :

xolildreamerxo :



Zoe Z33 said...

BELLA! It's Zoe, Theshinystar. Good on you writing on these blogs, you must be really good. I didn't know you wrote on all these blogs!

You must tell me I'll follow them and all!!!

Zoe xoxo

44nicole44 said...

Thank's for the Info x