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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

These are 3 different styles of wearing the Free ruffle top:
(please click on the picture to make it larger)

Outfit #1: Stay simple but Fashionable

Dont go over the top with accesoiries but also dont use too little as it will make the outfit look boring, keep the amount balanced and use the small classic, accesoiries not too high fashion or glamorous just normal with a little shine added:)
to keep the ruffly shape of the top the main item i used a mini skirt to not divert too much attention from the top then i added a small belt and bracelet to finish the look.
* this outfit is for a normal day out or if your going shopping with someone e.c.t..

Outfit #2: have glamour in your outfit

In this outfit i decided to go for a more glamerous look, i couldnt resist adding the coco-canel hat and the gloves but its your choice to add or not. Once agaon i followed the route of using only two colours and blend them together in one outfit; gold/cream and black, i used gold belts to give the top a highlight, then a few accessoiries and a bag and to finish off the look some skinny jeans to shape the top more.
* this outfit is for a glamerous night out or just you want to look good outside.

Outfit #3: try something different

this oufit may not be everyones styles but its good to try something new now and then... in this outfit i went for a mixture of girly and glamourwhich may not go well together but its worth a try, so a girly skirt layered coveryong the ruffles of the top, then a fashionable chanel side-bag and to top it iff a few necklaces.

please comment :)

1 comment:

ILoveWicked. said...

Love them!
I think look 1 is my fave :D