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Monday, 14 December 2009

RL LE items

Remember the LE spoilers i posted before, these are the RL versions of some of the items:
Balmain Dress

Mike and Chris Vest

Religion Skirt

 Rare Dress

credit- seen on stardoll for pics, sorry im a bit lazy today to make my own pics for today:)
What do you think?


reira422 said...

I LOVE EVRYTHING!! But it's too expensive... -_-

One of the shirt/suit is one of the template for Moody Wear template.

*future*celeb* said...

Ah I want those white boots in real life. I wrote my feelings about this new LE collection on my blog, its a must read.

Avril14140 said...

I love them..but when I came to Stardoll everything what I wanted was bought already