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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Recherche Magazine Leaked??

The wondefull RECHERCHE MAGAZINE by Doinker-chic/Lily that we have been waiting patiently for has been Leaked by some anonymous owner of the 'stardoll book' before it was supposed to be.
It must have been horrible for Lily to have her magazine released by someone else before she wanted it to be, and as we can see from her statement here
she seems quite angry and upset as she was hoping to have a party and give prizes e.c.t...
The Official magazine has been released by Lily at  recherchemagazne.wordpress.com
 so check it out and comment because there are some really gr8 articles and graphics by the whole team!
well now we have 2 winter issues released in 1 day! lol Cyanide and Recherche, theyr'e both awesome so i would suggest you check them out :)
what do you think?


The Color Pink said...

If TheStardollBook could get a hold of Recherche Magazine, what else could she get a hold of?

Avril14140 said...

I love it!;)

reira422 said...

The mag is amazing~