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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

NEW *horrible* changes!

ok, now all of you may have heard this by now but stardoll has been really annoying lately! first they make an LE bandage dress looka like to rub it in our faces, then they now REMOVE the number tags from our limited edition and Antidote clothing??!? so now its not so rare?? ugh! this is sooo annoying and im thinking of never buying LE again! >:(

another thing ive found out is......... THEY HAVE REMOVED THE GIFT-O-METER BECAUSE THE WEEK-END IS OVER. they did say it was only for the week-end so yh :)



*future*celeb* said...

Ah Im soo mad about that gift-o-meter! I only got the red shirt and purse for free. But, i decided to buy the other gifts.

ILoveWicked. said...

I wish it had been longer :(
Oh well, i got 3 of them :P
Also, i think the numbers are back now - don't know what happened!