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Saturday, 12 December 2009

How to wear the HB Tulip skirt:

Hey everyone! im Lilly aKa Lillyandmile on stardoll, im so grateful to the fabulous boo4bettz to be writing for this blog , and im going to be posting How to wear the newest items to Stardoll, Today it is How to wear the HB tulip skirt :

Outfit #1: Match your colours, themes and items together:
- For this outfit i tried to have a mixture of 2 themes, rock chick and glam, and since im in love with  Black and gold i went in that direction. first i started with the black skirt and the gold belt and started to work around them. usually the colour of the main item should be used in most of the clothing items and the colour to add contrast should be used in accessories.most of the items were black to beld with the skirt but the gold was to make sure it didnt blend in too much to make the skirt unnoticable. To bring out the skirts shape and colour highlight it with the gold belt. to finish off the look i added the Miss sixty gloves which catch the eye into saying this is more of a rock/punky outfit.

Outfit #2: Use the right accesoiries:
- i dont know why i stuck with black and gold for this skirt, but anyway in this outfit i focused more on the accesoiries, but i didnt want to overdo it. again started with the skirt and top(dress) then i though which colours should be with which accessoiries. i found that black went best with the shoes. a beige bag because its closer to the skirt so it woldnt blend too much if it was black. the headband was a finishing touch to the outfit, just to not make it look too plain and simple and finally the belt was a mixture of the two main colours, this brings the whole outfit together making it look professional and stylish!

What do you think?


PwincessSara said...

They are well cool!!

Avril14140 said...

I love your outfits!!!

reira422 said...

Black and gold :D Formal, sophisticated and chic!