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Wednesday, 30 December 2009


I Came accross three wonderfull outfits and couldnt help but feature them here, these are by 3 wondeful girls;  
Vasia28 , ForeverSecret and Fifibannana
Outfit #1 by Vasia:

Everything in this outfit fits together, the colours the layers and style! although the green colour looks like puke she worked it perfectly with the yellow and accessorised perfectly.
well done  x

Outfit #2 By Karina:

i have Loved this dress ever since it came out in starplaza and it looks absolutely gorgous on her!she has made it look simple and glamerous and the black highlights just bring this whole outfit together! its beautiful!
well done  x

Outfut #3 by Fifi:
Not only Has she got stunning makeup but she also has the most uniquely styled outfit! i mean its just too beautiful to be described, clecer use of the HB biker vest, and many accesorines which she placed in a way that makes it all fit together!
Well done!  x

What do you think?


reira422 said...

Yay! Vasia :D

I like first two but not much about the third one..

Zoe Z33 said...

I love Karina's it's absolutly stunning!

Avril14140 said...

I love the last one!

ForeverSecret said...

Thank you.


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Anonymous said...

Luv Karina's! Execellent job! So creative!