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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Eternity Info

We are all waiting for the release of ETERNITY MAG ( ThE Comeback issue), and Today is the Eternity magazine VIP bloggers press conference with 6 Lucky blogger's, they can ask any questions they like and they will be answered they will also receive a special Spoiler at the end. here's the invite:

It will be at 7PM GMT and the 6 blogs invited are:
- Perez Hilton of stardoll
-Haus of sin
-Cosmic Fever of stardoll
-The star Dose
-Stardoll's Most Wanted

the conversations will probably be posted on those blogs :) ill keep you updated
More news: there is a new Eternity blog where u can get all the eternity news and gossip straight from the magazine itself.

UPDATE: They have revealed the release date of the magazine. between 1-5 of january :) Cant wait!
What do you think?

1 comment:

reira422 said...

I have high expectations for Eternity!