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Monday, 30 November 2009

Your opinion?

Would you rather have a dress for 275, or 13?
Well. Check out this picture to the right.
Almost excactly the same, no? So, would you rather have a 13 SD dress [on the left, hilighted in blue] or a 275 dress [to the right]?
Tell me your opinion in a comment.


Miss Vintage Vixen said...

You're right, one's a better deal, but for one, Stardoll shouldn't have ripped the design off, and the Limited Edition one really looks prettier.

*future*celeb* said...

i saw this dress on a medoll and I didnt think stardoll would have the nerve to release it, after they released it as LE. Its ridiculous, stardoll is sooo greedy. They took away our 1sd per day, raised the prices for SS, raise the prices on all clothes, re-release old clothes so our rares lose their value, and prices clothes upwards of 200sd??? This is a website for pre-teen and teen people, we cannot and do not want to pay that much, ridiculous!