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Sunday, 29 November 2009

How to wear the new DKNY:

Outfit #1: Use the right accessories:
accessories make an outfit more glamorous but the wrong ones can also ruin and outfit so be sure to use the right type of accessoiries where needed, the right color or it will just look out of place and most importantly, DO NOT go over the top with the necklaces as it will not look neat and professional.
* this outfit is a more normal day out kind of outfit.

Outfit #2: Stay simple but Fashionable:

Dont go too far with layering as it wont look right and if u look at it you cant imagine it looking good in RL, keep your outfit simple but not too simple, have a main clothing item and work around it, accessorize matching the item and add a few finishing touches with a belt and headgear.
* this outfit is for a glamorous night out.

Outfit #3: have a consistent theme:

Use colours that go well together and continue to work on the outfit around those colours, normally two colours work best, try havong the accesoiries a mixture of those two colours like a purse or hat, finnish off the outfit with tights and some shoes and if its an outfit for a winter day add a finishing touch of gloves.
* this outfit is more for runway fashion

These tips dont normally apply to everyone because we all have different choices in fashion.

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